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This is the BEST you can do to prepare to TOEFL or IELTS!  I found here people  with whom I talked regularly and who helped me to get confidence in expressing my thoughts.



I was not able to speak in English with my friends, but here I found a new friend.. We started talking as usual, via Zoom, but then continued to write messages in Telegram. Now we still messaging but we're too lazy to do it in English 😅



Normalno. Svoe delo delaet. Luchshe chem prosit' druzei ili razgovarivat' so stenoj.

Why it works

We are convinced that when it comes to practice, quantity always goes before quality. Daily communication in English with a person like you will benefit you much more than a lesson with a tutor once a week. The purpose of practice is, first of all, to transform passive vocabulary into active vocabulary and get used to express your thoughts freely, without fear and pauses. This can only be achieved through continuous long-term communication. Therefore, our goal is to bring together people who learn English and who have a common goal — to practice to become better, thereby making their communication mutually beneficial.